August 11, 2017

Attention Club Members

Because of the numerous unacceptable issues that have occurred recently at the lake, the Club Executive Board included these issues for discussion on the Agenda at the Tuesday August 8, 2017 regular Club meeting.

Lengthy discussion occurred regarding each issue.

A motion was made and unanimously passed to put penalties on the following Rules;

1. It is a violation to dispose of any fish on the lake shore/bank

2. It is a violation to have an unanchored boat stored below the lake high waterline.

3. It is a violation to have any unstickered watercraft at the lake after June 30th of the year.

4. It is a violation for any family member to be at the lake unaccompanied by the member.

The penalty that was unanimously passed for these violations is:


The first violation will be a letter with a $50 fine levied against the Club member

The second violation will be immediate termination of the member’s Club membership.

These penalties will become effective August 19, 2017.

If you have questions you can contact me @ 303-513-4558 or at or Adam Moore at 970-214-1582 or at

Gene Schleiger, Secretary